New App. lost Data

Updated the application. Lost my data. The application freezes and crashes. How can I restore them?


The application has installed. Showed the initial screen. When I went to my folder, the color changed to blue. Stuck and turned off. Restarting doesn’t help - it freezes and crashes.

I had a lot of text notes there. :frowning:

iPhone X - ios 16.7.4


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Exactly the same thing happened to me - app crashes almost immediately when opened now, so no idea if my data is lost.

iPhone 13, 17.1.1.

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Sanme thing here, sinbce Monday 8th January just a black screen on iPhone iOS 16.

Lots a lot of info. If deleted app and reinstalled is all hope lost? Super glitchy still but I can see some of my customization so not all info lost. Help please.

This happened to me as well. I lived by my list and now everything is gone. I can’t even try to start over because it’s locked on the blue screen. Please help!

If any of you haven’t gotten in contact yet email can you email me Testing a build today with some possible fixes.