Mastodon continued

I wasn’t able to reply before the prior thread closed, but I wanted to voice my support for seeing the app’s presence on Mastodon at some point in the future! The majority of indie apps I use have an account there, a lot of people in the “Apple community” moved to there from Twitter in the last year or so. There’s even a sever specifically for indie apps:

The reason I wanted to add to that discussion is that Phill made reference to wishing they had the time to be on many more social sites, but I do think that Mastodon has a particular relevance for Clear above something like Instagram or Threads. If you are able to join in the future, you’ll be among good company of other iOS apps!

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I hear you, have a bunch of indie friends of course who set up early there. We’ll be thinking about what next on social when we’re ready.

(Though I have to say something like Discord I would find more intriguing than Mastodon, for unlocking a new kind of hang, and one that a lot more people are already familiar with. Maybe if the forums gets a little more bustling with this kind of community activity over the support side through the year.)


Discord actually seems like it would fit quite well.