@UseClear on Mastodon?

Hey there — not sure if this technically a feature request, but I’ve noticed once or twice here on the forum that there are links to Twitter posts outlining new features, coming changes etc (most recent example being the “too bouncy” update here).

I’ve left twitter and unfortunately it’s impossible to keep up with even a public account while logged out. Going to the user page lists all-time most faved tweets rather than a chronological list, and you can only scroll down so far before getting locked out and told you need to sign up.

My question is if the @UseClear account can be replicated on Mastodon, for the ease of non-Twitter users like myself who want to keep up with the app’s development. Love it so far and can’t wait to see what the team has in store for future updates.

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Would love to be pretty much everywhere you all are (Instagram, Threads, hell if I had the time I would enjoy messing around on TikTok some too!) Maybe someday but for now feel like we have a lot to focus on with app updates. In general will try to always post the important news here, and we will also think about ways we could communicate better in the app without pestering.

In theory I could see us just cross posting across networks, but then I imagine it would be quite a pain hopping between all of them to try to reply and answer support and generally be engaged as you’d hope to see.

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Just make a new Twitter/X account and only follow @UseClear. :man_shrugging:
Problem solved. :+1:

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Really appreciate the prompt response — and yes, now that I’ve found this forum I definitely feel a lot less “lost in the woods” when it comes to updates and the product roadmap. Looking forward to sticking around here, fingers crossed for Mastodon someday but totally get why it’s a lower priority!

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Joining that cesspool is not a solution.


It is quite dispiriting compared to its height. And I keep thinking of the Tower of Babel parable with how Twitter has splintered into Mastodon, Threads, Blue Sky etc. Ah well.

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