Live activities feature for the Lockscreen

Of course I’m going to start by saying what an absolute delight is the fact that Clear is back. Though I had it in TestFlight, and it never seemed to be gone :sweat_smile:.

Anyway, was wondering if you could ad the Live Activities option for lists inside the app. Should be triggered manually from inside the app, per list. So when you want to be reminded about something, that won’t happen at a certain time in the day, the visual cue on the lockscreen is nice too have.

As I understand if the live activities don’t have a specific timer or destination (in case of travel apps eg, Uber, CityMapper, etc) they stay up to 8 hours on the lockscreen, so that’s plenty of time to have that reminder be shown on the lockscreen so you don’t forget to do stuff.

I’m currently monitoring my reminders from the native Reminders app, via ActivityBuilder, to show a specific list in a live activity, and I find it very convenient to have it there.

I may be the only one, but I’m sure others would appreciate having this option to.



I see, so it’s kind of like being able to just pin an item or list to your Lock Screen for the day? I didn’t realize Live Activities could be used for things like that. Thank you for the idea, will be bubbling on it here! (I think our plan overall is to dive into widgets and related things in the 2.x roadmap though.)


No worries! Hope it passes :grin:

Here’s another app doing the same thing I was talking about, just to get an idea.