Where are the notification badges

Hi, love the look and feel of the new app but I’m totally lost without the notification badges alerting me I have stuff to deal with and how many. I often have different lists open through the day or if somethings urgent I want it to show me on a badge so I don’t miss it as I have a very full day. Is this a feature I can use as I was doing on the old clear? I really hope so as I want to continue using this as my go to todo list


Created an account to bump this - the badge on the home screen is crucial for me. I use Clear as a to-do list, and need to know how much I have left without opening the app every time.


We need to fix some issues cropping up first but after the launch dust settles I will be thinking about this and how we want to handle opt-in settings. I have some opinions about settings in general, but maybe it’s enough to label them “Complications” for Clear, to really communicate that you should only turn on one or two that you need.


Same use and issue here. It’s just stuck on the number when the app updated. Can’t get that to change at all.

Similar problem. When I have an urgent task to do, I set a reminder: time and hour. When the time arrives, the icon on the home screen does not show a numbered badge.

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I agree I expect this too.

Wonder if there would be some people upset if we just made it default, like if you had a Clear reminder go off since your last visit, badge it, and clear the badge when you open. (And it takes you to that list/item)

Also going to have to be careful thinking through how it should work with people using the ‘list count’ badging setting and such, could be a little confusing there.