Feature: Marking a row in the list as headline?

I´m quite heavyuser for long time. What tends to happen - items appear in one list. Always. Then I clean and share. Still - lists are quite long. And - things often belong to one list, but could be grouped a bit. Could I use separator lines (different color, bold etc) within list? Now I try using capital letters etc

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If you end an item with a colon, it’ll show up as a heading.

Also, starting an item with a space makes it smaller, like a sub-item (though it isn’t actually associated with the item it’s under, it’s just smaller.

Those two used to be explained in the sample lists, but I guess the sample lists are being reworked or removed.

I agree that dividers make sense. Some people make their own with a line of hyphens or dashes, but I think a new feature where three hyphens or dashes display as an actual symmetrical horizontal rule would be sleek but tidy; hidden until you need it.