Info about old Clear Desktop app and new Clear 2

For those like me who also used the Desktop application on Mac of the old Clear, iCloud synchronization between devices no longer works with the new app. Is this normal or does a particular procedure need to be done? I have been using Clear for years on both Mac and iPhone and I have always had the lists synchronized, has anything changed with the new version? Do you know if an overhaul of the desktop app is also planned?

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I’d also be keen to have an answer to this. If the new app doesn’t sync can we downgrade to the old app?

The new Clear app doesn’t yet support iCloud syncing and doesn’t have a version for iPad or Mac.
As far as I know, returning to the old version is impossible.
iCloud synchronization and versions for iPad and Mac will most likely appear in the future, but the developers have not yet provided specific information on when exactly to expect them.

This morning I opened the app and found everything updated (automatically) to version 2 on my iPhone. I just noticed that the applications on my Macs are not syncing and I had to uninstall them after almost 10 years. I understand that the Desktop version is not a priority, but in my opinion Clear 2 should have been released as a separate application, giving those who have been using the old version for years the opportunity to adapt. This is because the new version completely replaces the old one, but the problems related to iCloud were not mentioned in the description…


I mentioned it in another thread, but based on a comment to The Verge, it seems like there are no plans for a Mac app.

The new Clear doesn’t yet sync across devices — though Ryu says that’ll come — and it’ll almost certainly never have a Mac app. Ryu says he just can’t figure out how to make a Mac app that feels good the way Clear feels good.

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This stinks. I would be happy with the Mac app not changing at all and would even pay for this or at the very least be given the option to use a “legacy” Clear iOS app. Even if that meant it not being supported. I’ve been using Clear for so long but not syncing with the app on my Mac anymore is going to make me look for new service to replace clear. Sad day.

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