How to revert back to Clear before the update?


I have been using Clear for years and appreciated it’s simplicity. I had the theme, color, size, font, etc, all setup perfectly on my iPhone SE the way I wanted it, but the automatic update has wiped everything out. Is there a way to switch back to a “legacy” mode or theme somehow? This update is very radical and I know long-time users like myself would appreciate the option to enable a legacy mode. Please make this right by adding such an option to the next update, or help explain to users how to revert back to their original settings if the option is already buried somewhere in the UI.

I have recommended Clear to friends in the past, but will actively discourage others from using it in the future if legacy users aren’t considered and respected.

Thank you,
Long-time Clear user


Agree. Bring back Old Clear. The broken New Clear without sync is useless to me.


I agree. Without the Mac, the app is useless. PLEASE let us use the Legacy version until it stops working, or until you have created a new Mac version.


Unfortunately, we have crossed that bridge now. The old app was riddled with code that kept on breaking and unpredictable behavior.

We are hoping to improve the current app and get back your confidence.

Hope is not a solution. Provide a solution to a problem the Clear team has caused.


Agree. Please restore old functionality.