Update vs. Legacy App - Why not both?

With so much change from the original version of Clear, is there an option to have the legacy version still available in the App store? I feel as though this version is such a change and has many features not working properly (iCloud Sync and Badges for instance) it should be a new app akin to a Clear 2 vs. just an update while also having Clear 1 be available as an option with limited support.

Please consider this, at least for now while the new version is still in need of polish.

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Honestly the new version is a rescue mission for an app that hasn’t been a viable business or turning any profit close to a decade now, before its ancient codebase is one day no longer submittable to the App Store or runs on the latest iOS.

We’re a pretty tiny indie team doing this as a passion project so we felt we need to focus and go all in on this future-ready foundation. Very committed to polishing it up though, and I totally understand feeling upset at the sync regression + amount of change hoisted on you overnight especially if you weren’t following the beta test email updates etc.

We do hope to rebuild back up to sync and such over time of course, I miss it for my personal use as well.

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Make it control like the old one. It was snappy and direct. The new, animated floaty UI is complete trash.