How many of you would use Clear on Apple Watch?

Would love to be a tester!! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

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Absolutely :smiley:

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Definitely would in my Watch Ultra

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I have a beta signup post drafted but waiting for the Testflight to be tested/approved by Apple.

We got a simple complication shortcut in (the circular type to start). Will be taking a stab at theme support next week.


I just posted the TestFlight here for those of you who want to help test it. Give it a spin this week and report back in this new thread! Clear for Apple Watch TestFlight

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Thank you for this! Can’t contain my excitement! Heading there now!

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Yes please!

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Personally I wouldn’t use it for creating new lists or adding items. But would be awesome for ticking longer lists off while shopping or for hectic work projects etc.

Funnily enough my biggest use for it would be for the reminders, but they already function perfectly with the watch. :raised_hands:


I volunteer for testing!

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Super interested!

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Absolutely !

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Anyone interested in testing can sign up here: Clear for Apple Watch TestFlight

(And post any feedback and especially bug reports please in that thread!)

Cheers signed up

Just for shopping alone, I’d 100% use it. Bring up the list and just go through ticking off while I go, would be much smoother than constantly pulling my phone out of my pocket.

I’m sure there are a couple other cool things I’d do it with too, for instance I could use it for training sessions to just list out which intervals/exercises I need to do, so I can tick them off as I go. My memory while working out is beyond terrible, haha.

But yeah, definitely want this!

Yes, but have to get iCloud sync working with iPad and family members first. Otherwise, this app is not that useful.