How do I open in iOS Maps?

Got a list of coffee shops I want to check out in Leeds but when I click on them they open in Google Maps:

How do I change this to Apple Maps?

how do you even get the app to realise they are locations and open in google maps?

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If you copy the link from Apple Maps it opens it in Apple Maps when you click on it

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But how do you then make it look neat ?

If I copy a link from Apple Maps and paste it it looks like this.,%209060-432%20Funchal,%20Portugal&auid=17013389787032489617&ll=32.670602,-16.883588&lsp=9902&q=Estádio%20Da%20Madeira&t=m

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I too am hoping that in future, there can be a way to select a link in Clear and replace it with a simple name yet keeping the hyperlink to the actual url intact… that way long URLs would no longer be seen and disrupt the aesthetics of lists.

It’s an address - you tap it and it opens in Google. I want it to use Apple Maps in iOS.

I’m going the other way. I have an address in a list in Clear. Tapping it opens Google.

I just typed one of the addresses in your OP into clear and clicked on it and nothing.

Hmm. Strange, it’s doing that to me now. :thinking:

One for @phillryu

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And ironically it’s working for me now. Pasted an address of a restaurant from their website and it works fine.

If I copy an Apple Maps address and place it in clear and click on it it’ll only open in Google maps via Safari (web app as I don’t have the Google maps app installed). If I copy it from Apple Maps via the share sheet and paste into clear it’ll open in Apple Maps as it’s an actual link (very long link).

Oddly enough if I paste the Apple Maps address (not via share sheet but the location address text from the locations info page) into clear it formats that address the same as it’s displayed in Apple Maps. One line street, one line city/state, one line zip so even though I’m pasting it into one line on clear it pops into three lines automatically.

What’s even more odd is I can click any one of those three address lines and it opens google maps through safari at the full address location I pasted into Clear.

Maybe it only works the first time it’s pasted?

I tried and it opened several times for me.

This is kind of interesting because we’re just going with default iOS behavior (with their natural language parsing API). I’m surprised they still default to Google Maps! Honestly think this is a little corner they forgot to update in the past few years.

It’s possible we can handle this ourselves, if Apple Maps has a URL scheme to pass along addresses to it… will note this here.

I have used other apps that open maps and they ask if you want to use Apple or Google so it is possible at that level. I’ll try find which ones do this.

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It’s helpful to know other apps do this, so that functionality should be there yeah.