Gradient bug in "Simple Black" theme

I think there’s a bug in the Simple Black theme. The text in each item in a list has a gradient individually, rather than the list as a whole having a gradient. This makes it so the first line in any task with multiple lines is quite hard to read, while the last line is very bright. Also, personally, I think it makes single line tasks ugly.
The other Simple themes (or any other theme at all, as far as I know) don’t behave the same way, which makes me think it’s a bug.
My screenshots are using Womprat, but the effect is there with any font set.
This was actually there in older versions of the beta too! But now since the app is being actively developed again, I feel it makes sense to report it.

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Only one upload per message, so here’s the same list in Simple White:

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And finally Simple Blue, where you can also see the gradient working correctly:

Thanks! That does seem like an accident in the theme spec, we will check here.