Terminal T800 theme bug?

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I purchased the Terminal T800 theme today, the preview looked normal but when I activated the theme, the background color changed to green and it seems stuck like that. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update(?)

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Yeah that sounds like a misplaced color value. I do see the dark black/green background shade here myself, most likely mixed up with Terminal Smith. Will check with David on the fix.

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And dang, thank you for supporting us with all that collecting! (You might want to get a bit more picky, there is a lot left to rotate through!!)

Naturally I buy the themes I want to keep, there are some themes in the Shop I have skipped because they weren’t my style.

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Yeah thanks for reporting, will try to squeeze it in as a harmless value tweak fix in the 2.0.1. But if it doesn’t make it in there definitely by 2.0.2. (We are just in intense triage mode right now with the migration issues.)

I notice this is back in the shop, I’ve been on the fence about buying it because of the green background, is it getting fixed? :smiley:

We just snuck in the color value fix for the 2.0.1. I dunno if that’ll stick around the shop though, I had stuck it in just to test this fix quickly. Damn thing invaded a different store timeline.