Embedded Notes Under To Do

I absolutely love Clear. It is one of the best to do list apps out there. It is so satisfying to use. However, I’m noticing one spot where it seems to be lacking at the moment. When I create an item to do I’m finding I want to have a place to embed something pertinent to the task but I don’t want it to be visible. ie Research the website Greg sent me. I don’t want to have the website as part of the to do but it would be really helpful to have it connected to the task at hand so I don’t have to go find it later.

Could this conceivable be added later? Or any recommendations on how to accomplish this? I’m not sure I want to make two items to check off.

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That’s an interesting idea or use case. Not sure but will think on it.

You would still have to check off or delete but the simple formatting captions might be useful for you to make those notes smaller and separate from the items when you scan. (Start an item with a space and the item will be formatted smaller text.)

Yeah I find the starting with space for smaller font super useful to attach similar details/points to main entries and use it all the time

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