Easter egg cheat codes

Is it against the rules to compare notes on how to find the Easter eggs throughout the app?

I’ve gotten loads of stuff making junk lists, then completing and clearing line items away one at a time. Any other tricks?

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There’s a set of ‘random loot’ unlocks, that have a tiny chance to unlock each time you check something off, or pull to clear things away. (The more you pull to clear in a go increases chances too.)

They are fun but we are actually going to kind of phase them out over time, the randomness feels a little confusing and less satisfying than the other rewards.

What I would like to do is replace them with a whole bunch of secret rewards that would feel more like proper easter eggs :slight_smile: Hopefully sometime later this year we can do a big update there and there can be something of a community easter egg hunt.


The concept of a legendary item in games would be amazing here too. In shop maybe, anytime you buy something there, there is a chance for a special rarer shop item to appear!


That makes sense. I appreciated the slot machine feel of getting lucky with a font or quote pack every several dozen clears.

Do you mean you’re more likely to find a reward in relation to the more items you clear all at one time? Like clearing a ton of checked off items at once?

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With the random loot currently yes. The highest chance of getting one with a single action is pulling to clear 25 completed items I believe. In general it’s quite rare to get them on checking off, but slightly better chance when you get to ‘double dip’ with the pull to Clear.

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I appreciate you taking the time to answer!

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