Unlockables from all types of Interactions

As mentioned in the Getting Started guide, unlockables are granted randomly (only?) when clearing completed items on a list.

However, I rarely clear my completed items. One reason being that the completed items are so well presented by Clear that they immediately get out of the way of typical usage, and second reason being that I like to periodically save a copy of my complete list (including completed items), for later searching and data crunching.

It would be great for users like me if all types of interactions in the app (completing items, adding items, deleting items), came with a chance of unlocking an unlockable, perhaps with a lower probability because these actions are more common.


You can achieve just that doing so with the Getting Started list.


It’s on our list to explore this, starting with a chance for drops when checking off items. (Without clearing them.) Have a couple bigger things we’re trying to wrap up and send out to you all to test but I hope to get to this one later this month.

Admittedly I was a little surprised engaging with you all and realizing how many of you don’t clear completed things! But yeah perhaps checking off having a chance, then clearing giving you a bonus cherry on top chance will be a decent simple sweet spot.

(And we will also be looking at balancing drops better between like hardcore daily listers and much more casual weekly grocery list types. Right now it feels reasonably generous if you are checking off things daily and clearing them away, but absolutely stingy if not.)


I second @oregontrail’s request. I have a set of tasks that I complete weekly, and I simply uncheck them at the end of the week to begin anew. I think this is why I had a difficult time learning how to unlock stuff.


I am the same, I have my list of medications that I take daily at certain times so I check them off as I take them but then I uncheck them at the end of the night so I have them to check off again the next day. Be cool if there was a feature for things like medications where your list can reset itself each morning instead of having to uncheck and re-organize every night.


I use Clear for my grocery list, and similar to the folks above, I keep completed items below so I can just uncheck them when I need to add them to the list again


Similarly, I have lists I use every time I fly so I remember the little things to pack. I also have some for when I go to theme parks and outdoor screenings. Once travel/go on the outing, I uncheck everything.

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