How do I set Tiny/Small font?

Woke up to Clear 2.1 changing the Tiny size to what was Medium on the old Clear. Why remove the font size? Large is so ridiculously big, I don’t understand the change. I even tried to do a ‘per app’ setting in iOS accessibility to try and reduce font size but my iOS text is already on the smallest possible setting.

It was nice to have Small size too, to use them at times. Why remove them when Clear was all about personalisation? People who want larger fonts can easily increase font size in per app accessibility settings, while cannot decrease my settings to go back to Small/Tiny.

Someone mentioned in another topic they had to switch to a larger size and then back to Tiny for it be correct.

We had to disconnect iOS accessibility font scaling because it was adding another variable we couldn’t assess on what people were seeing vs. what is intended for each setting, and driving me a little crazy trying to get a bead on this. So if you had it all the way down, it tracks that this update enlarged the font.

I’m thinking about what to do next here. We could consider things like tweaking again, adding a smaller font etc. but it does seem like we should just bite the bullet and spend some time making a custom slider control or something. It will also require work to make a smoothly scaling system vs. the current hand set tunings per size.


Looking into a hot fix to add nano font size… :upside_down_face:



And I knew that was going to happen, and I told myself I shouldn’t get used to what I had with the Tiny—system-font-down-a-notch combo. But it still took me a little while to remember I’d done that. “Why did Tiny get bigger?” :joy:

Can you also consider upsizing the list item count/“New!”/shop prices size? Is that something that could be context-sensitive? I get why it might need to be smaller for text sizes Medium and up, but could it be the same size for Smaller and down?

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Thanks Phill, I must’ve missed the update about disconnecting the iOS scaling etc so came as a surprise, and was confused.

Thanks for looking into it and considering the case for it, the large looked just ridiculously hilariously big, looked a bit weird and I thought it was a bug at first and just didn’t understand the change.

Appreciate the hot fixes, but yeah don’t rush it until the team can find a proper solution. Just thought I’d highlight!

We’re hoping to address this enough to kind of move on for some time and have space to figure out that final slider fix, or what it ends up being.

Nano is like 10 pt font on list level, Micro is 13 pt font.

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