Design & Features Wishlist Thread

Yeah planning a couple tutorial rewards for this one. I don’t want to overload people with tips to start but should be there for reference.

Some themes definitely need a Dark Mode (OW MY EYES!!) or an option to have a different theme in light and dark mode.

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location based triggers for themes and also list item notifications would be a great option in that trigger list.


Yeah this will probably come pretty soon (ability to select a theme for evenings).

@skrimaging possible for the future, I like that location permission would also enable a lot of fun rewards.

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Hey guys, longtime Clear enthusiast here, new to the forums. Excited to see the new Clear improvements.
Did a search for “Done” suggestions, not seeing any, so I’ll post here:
Make an option / Complication to toggle the behavior of the Done button. To me it makes sense to have the default be the same as pretty anything else on iOS … “Done”, not “next”. If i want to add something more then I can swipe down, but 95% of the time I just want to tap Done and be finished.


I will think on this. We had it more like this earlier in beta testing (though it was tap above or below the current item to quick add), but it has always been problematic teaching the ‘quick add’ gestures. (A lot of people just pick up some gestures and then stop learning more at some point… gotta improve on that)

Overall though I’d agree this is overly tuned for like ‘new people’ vs. longterm fluency for Clear which is all about that. I think we’ll revisit when we have done some initial onboarding improvement passes.

I think the next/done button is one of the best new features in Clear 2. A quick double tap on a single button to finish a list is a lot less clunky than having to repeatedly swipe down or pinch open to add new list items. If it can’t be made configurable I’d definitely vote for keeping the current behavior.


+1 to MattT here. It took a couple tries to get used to, but now I’m really enjoying the “next” button and whenever I want to be done I just double-tap and it’s done.

Breaking iPhone standard behaviors in nuanced and well-thought out ways is something I love about Clear, and it’s almost always done well (IMO). It feels like suggestions for how iOS could be improved in the future. After all, swipe to delete on iOS came from Clear implementing it first (AFAIK).


If ever possible for the TMNT (Ninja Turtles) fans, maybe a theme selection inspired by that franchise would look cool!.. Green for backgrounds (maybe go for the green tone from the 1990 movie suits)… and have the selection highlight be the different color bandanas of the TMNT… let me know if I can be of any assistance in the design phase as I am a die hard TMNT fan and would be honored to contribute any help!

Here’s a link to some TMNT art I did over the years! SKR Imaging (Art) on Instagram: "Just learned that it’s @worldturtleday today so here are a few pieces I created featuring some bodacious turtles! 🐢 Happy World Turtle Day! . #worldturtleday #turtles #tmnt #ninjaturtles #throwbacktuesday #fanart #artwork #turtleday #turtletuesday #illustration #painting #artgallery #art"

I currently use the Pistachio Cream theme as a stand-in lol


Oh that’s awesome, and some epic fan art. Yeah I grew up loving the cartoons and toys and movie. (Donatello was my favorite.)

A few months ago watched a cool YouTube video about the creators and its history, I like how indie it was! The movie production too, which totally holds up. And I ended up getting some action figures for nostalgia :laughing:

We could take a crack at it but if you want to give it a shot with some simple color sketches or something that would definitely help.


Cool! I’ll definitely cook up a few sketched ideas this weekend and send them to you via email.

Is the right adresse to send to?

Already have a few icon ideas and names for themes.

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As long as we’re discussing TMNT, I’d like to throw in some further encouragement, I’d love to see these! @phillryu Have you played the newer Shredder’s Revenge video game? It’s a hit of nostalgia, for sure, but it also feels modernized. And do you happen to know what video you watched? I can go searching later, but just wondering if you remember, I’ll definitely have to check it out either way.


Sure that email works! Looking forward.

@Jeff we played through it on a team retreat last year, they did a good job. Here’s the video I watched:

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Just wanted to bump this one. This is my last complaint about downgraded usability from Clear 1 to Clear 2. The micro font size is a huge help in letting me look through my list of lists. But I think faded text with no strikethrough makes it much easier to distinguish completed from incomplete lists while retaining legibility on the completed list names. :pray:

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I did notice strikethroughs do not scale down with size… can look into that to start at some point!

I’m a fan of the Micro size. I still think the sizes scale up too much moving up the hierarchy, but I won’t keep griping about it :rofl:

Really, there’s only one more design tweak I would like to see, which I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

When using a colon to create a heading in a list, along with using the larger, bolder font, it would be helpful if the top padding actually increased a bit. (Yeah, I know.) This would really help set off each group of list items that have headings visually as a block.

Something like:

Thanks for the hard work. Clear 2 is looking great.


Yeah Tiny & Micro is perfect. Medium and Large make me feel like I have eye problems and I’m using the app on special accessibility mode :rofl:

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I’m really enjoying Clear 2. I’m still longing to get back the ability to sync between my Iphone and Ipad. Have purchased some of your offerings/.

I hope you will be able to bring back device syncing soon on ICloud or some solution. Thx for a great product.

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I still can’t promise ‘soon’, but we will be scouting it out later this year, and do have some hope it will be much more approachable of a project this time around than 10+ years ago. Appreciate your patience with us and support through this transition.

A couple things I will note in case helpful for now:

• I will sometimes type longer lists on Mac in Notes, then copy it, and iCloud paste it into Clear iPhone

• The new widgets, you can actually set up on your Mac as well. Unfortunately you can’t enter text into them, but they will mirror your lists from your phone.

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I totally agree more separation between the subsections would be nice

That also gave me an idea, which at least somewhat solves the nested/grouped lists! Why not just apply the same formatting tweaks on the “my lists” page?

Little mockup:

So technically “Long term” and “Projects” would just be empty lists themselves but I use formatting to make them appear as sub headers

Could at least be a quicker way to allow list grouping