Could we have a new reward every week or month

I know it’s a todo list but most of us have got used to that rush of endorfens from realising it’s after midnight and swiping on three items then taking sending a list by screen shot. Then going to an empty list then screen shorting and creating a task then moving …. All in search of ticking off another reward.

I’ve just reached the point I’m sure many have where that’s now over. All that’s left is the referrals that I haven’t got anyone else to ask and the three that you just have to get organically. 10 hours. 100 days. 300 days. And it now feels like something is missing lol. A new reward every week or month would give us back some of that feeling and the reward can be something rubbish that doesn’t matter.


Let me see if we can finally catch up on some new rewards in the next few weeks… I think the most likely ones we will add first are a few tutorial ones that are connected to using some of the new features since 2.0. But very much also want to add some more ‘endgame’ type ones for the more longterm chase.

Hopefully not paired with rubbish though haha. Though that is what makes these tricky, pairing a collectible that actually makes sense and people want to go for.

Oh I will also note we have an idea to try some weekly rewards in the shop or for future events/holidays, so that could also be another avenue for some cycling/fresh rewards.

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