"Newcomer" reward not working

My “Newcomer” reward is the last holdout in the “Tutorial” section for the rewards, and it’s currently stuck on 20%. I’ve never seen it report a number higher than 60%. While I’m sure there are days that I don’t use Clear, they’re few and far between; I’ve been a longtime user since the Legacy version of the software and use it practically daily.

Because this reward seemed stuck, I even created a list called “Use Clear Daily” and set a daily reminder on my phone to make sure that I actually used Clear for 7 days straight to claim the reward. I updated that list daily with the day and % that I saw for that reward, and the % never changed from 20%. My entries in that list alone should have ticked the reward to 100% but they did not.

What can I do to get this reward unstuck and claim it?

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I believe the daily condition right now is add or check off 3 tasks. But it’s really opaque, we will simplify this to something like simple opens of the app in an upcoming update!