New achievements

Hello, are you planning any new achievements? If yes, then will you add them?

P.S the widgets look absolutely adorable! Great work on the details!

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Definitely. It might be a couple months before we can dive into the next round of them, but hoping to hit up a big group of ‘secret rewards’ and finally get to some real easter eggs hidden through the app.

And then some time after that, I am thinking we should probably plan for some set of more ‘endgame’ rewards that are more longterm goals/accomplishments. (There’s also a few tutorial ones I’d like to fill in.)

It’s a bit of a tricky puzzle with these vs. coming up with more fresh stuff for the shop because we want each reward paired with a thematically matching unlock etc.

So usually involves coming up with a lot of achievement ideas, and then matching as many as we can with the right collectible ideas that float up to pair. Benefits from some slower cooking time.


Thank you for your detailed response!

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