Clear Widgets Development Thread (WIP, targeting mid-February)

Yep I set up a stack similarly so I can have my Today/Tomorrow/Next Day lists swipeable on my Home Screen, first time I’m using a stack and it’s actually very slick and useful for me this way.

Will see on the checking off for 2.1.1, it felt pretty ignorable so far in early internal testing. (You have to tap along the left side of a widget to check things off, and I think most of the time when you tap a widget to open it, you tap closer to center.)


one thing I noticed but not sure if its a bug in Clear or a bug in Smart Stack, but when I have the middle stack size it works great but on the smallest stack when I swipe it goes blank, if I then swipe left or right on the page to go away and come back, its fixed.

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I attempted to reproduce it here but there must be some other thing involved.

Does this consistently happen to you each time? And is it like, specific to one of the lists, or just whichever one you swipe to?

I would not be surprised if a device reboot fixes it but am curious on any possible clues/details if it is some bug on our end.

very weird. it happened every time, in a stack with only two Clear widgets. I added another Smart Stack the same size, no problems, added two clear widgets, no problems, deleted all others, no problems. so I had two stacks beside each other, one working, one not. deleted the one that wasn’t. guess it was just some weird random glitch.

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I’ll keep an eye out on this one. It does smell a bit of the general issues iOS seems to have here and there with refreshing widgets and sometimes they get like cached or a little stuck? But always a chance we’re inserting our own bug or two into the mix.

@phillryu : I’ve made this screen-recording, and while doing so found out, that the problem occurs when clicking outside of the widget area with the mouse (which happens, because the theme list ist very long :laughing:)

Please have a look here: CleanShot 2024-02-12 at 10.28.31 · CleanShot Cloud

I’ve just tried to go back to the non beta version and lost everything. Stupidly it wasn’t something I really neeeded to do but I’d had a few more rewards unlock and I wanted to look in the store.

I deleted the beta app then reinstalled from the App Store. It’s as if I’d never used it. My lists are gone and my rewards and items are all back to scratch.

And my lists weren’t big but I know there’s things I can’t remember that were on them :frowning_with_open_mouth:

The one thing that I’m hoping is that as the non beta doesn’t have widgets I’m hoping my Mac widgets will still be sitting there and I can copy the todos that I’ve forgotten

It’s because you deleted the app. Don’t do that, just reinstall the App Store version or the beta version over the other one, YMMV but I haven’t lost any data from doing that.

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Is there a way to set custom fonts to be consistent with the list in the widgets?

Oh damn… do you have iCloud full device restores on? They do include Clear’s local data…

Not yet, with the widgets there is actually a lot left to flesh out and round out so we targeted an initial simpler version to get out to start. Font support will be pretty high on our list for V2 of them.


yeah but no way to selectively restore one thing. I will just have to remember what ive forgotten.

Ok. So technically there is a way to kind of do it, but it’s a huge pain requiring two restores. (Manually making a new backup now, restoring to old backup, exporting recovered Clear lists and lists only, then restoring to latest backup.) It really might. not be worth it vs. starting fresh depending…

Simple iCloud backup/restore system for Clear is in the roadmap.

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Really liking the widgets so far and haven’t run into any issues that stand out as bugs.

Being able to choose separate themes in the widgets vs. the app is nice. Especially if you’re trying to keep your Home Screen within one color gradient/scheme. Just a nice touch overall. Also any changes I’ve made in lists show up near instantly when leaving the app to the home screen.


I’m sending out a new TestFlight (2.1.2) to this same beta group for original widgets test. It includes checking off behavior for the widgets, via tapping on the left margin of the item.

  • You may need to reboot phone after installing for new widget functionality
  • Check or uncheck items in widgets by tapping along the left margin
  • Proper coloring for claimed referral bonuses in the “Gift Clear” screen
  • Shop disabled for beta

Let me know with any notes if you try.

Is there a way to indicate that a tap was registered before the task disappears? If the app is dead in the background the tap takes an extra second to register and I tapped it again as though it didn’t register and then accidentally cleared two things.

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Interesting… I will think on this. Do you force quit your apps every time you exit?

I do not but coming back from the reboot to make the widgets update and just generally if the app dies in the background I’d think would cause problems. And also when it’s normally responsive it feels strange without any sort of feedback, at least IMO.

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Yep I’m actually thinking it’s more a missing piece that should slot in for polish, though perhaps in a later update. (The row turning green + cross through, in the Heatmap theme for instance on tap.)

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that sounds great!