Clear Widgets Development Thread (WIP, targeting mid-February)

It looks like there is a new update with widget check offs. Just curious, is there a way to undo if something was checked off accidentally from the widget screen?

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Only if your list is short enough for all items to fit in the widget.You’ll be able to uncheck the item, but it will stay at the bottom.


Yeah can un-check if visible same way. The tap zone for checking off is the left margin, going just a little bit past the start of the text.

BTW for those installing 2.1.2 today, let me know if your widgets are displaying fine after app update. Have gotten a couple reports of widgets at least starting white/blank. I think a device reboot ‘fixes’ this but trying to get a quick bead if this is happening to everyone or a smaller subset.

Yes, mine were black. I removed and then re-added to fix.

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Hmm sorry about that hassle. There’s something going on where it’s not like, forcing a refresh for the widget after updating it seems… curious if this is universal or if anyone reports a more seamless update experience with the widgets.

I have automatic updates off. I downloaded the update and was able to check an item off on the widget instantly after.

I did see blank white widgets once but that was before this update and a reboot fixed it

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Good to know it’s not a universal issue. I’ll keep an eye here before pushing the 2.1.2 out to everyone’s automatic updates.

Just installed latest update… had to reboot for new widget check off feature to work (as expected)

Have to say my favourite feature aside from that in the latest update is the per list theme option!

Each of my list is now a specific theme and it’s awesome! I also set my widgets to follow app settings so everything is easily identifiable at a glance!

Thanks @phillryu and gang for an awesome update!

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Great to hear, I’m glad we got the per-list personalization in early on! It felt like it naturally pairs with widgets in that way. Would like to improve it in the future so it doesn’t feel so scattered across the different personalize sections, but didn’t feel right to hold back on it either :smiley:

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Seriously the widgets (and thanks iOS for stacks) + per list personalization is incredible. It wouldn’t work as well without both of those features working together. Thank you for making what was already the most useful app even more useful

My thought for easier customization would be when you’re inside the list to swipe left on the title. Then you would get the whole “personalize” menu but just for that list


I’m loving the widgets, but would it be possible to (optionally?) have the List Title at the top, so you know what list you’re looking at? I’m using a widget stack that lets me rotate through several lists, and having the title at the top would be very handy. :smile:


It’s possible, but probably considered more later on when we are through some of the more popular requests/issues and some ideas here. There are just too many other things we want to get to with widgets and slightly paranoid of adding too many toggles too quickly for them!

@purple definitely a strong candidate for it. Just didn’t want to rush into sticking it there (as it was in beta) because there are some other possible future actions that may compete with this spot, like checking off the entire list, or sharing it more easily.

Meanwhile eventually we want to get to personalized gestures too, where you could customize that and other gestures with your actions of choice. But that’s obviously a pretty huge project, something we might eye for Clear 2.5 or even 3.0.

After using the widgets a while I would definitely appreciate the ability to disable checking items off. It’s not even a muscle memory thing for me, I’ve just accidentally checked items off when I’m not even trying to interact with the widget at all. So I’m worried that one of these days I won’t notice that I did so and will have an item checked off that I didn’t mean to


One thing we should fill in is the row highlight color when you check something off, that should flash much more noticeably. And will keep an eye on this with feedback from others as more people spend some time with it.


Are there any plans to offer the ability to disable checking off items from the widget? I hated the reminders app widget for this reason as I always check off items by accident so I was pumped when the clear app didn’t offer that (I could be the only person). Now I am accidentally checking off items in my clear list also :')


Are you the person who left a review about this? (Ditching Reminders for Clear because it didn’t do this.) I remember reading it and thinking uhoh with 2.1.2 about to ship.

Adding settings is a pretty slippery slope for Clear, but not out of the question, like an extra toggle just for this on the back of widgets.

I’m curious how many others are experiencing the same. (Accidentally checking off vs. opening widget.) Let’s see if others chime in here, thank you for raising the issue and starting the thread.

No I didn’t! I work in SAAS so I would never review without first giving feedback haha. A toggle on the widget setting would be amazing, I realize that’s not as easy as adding a button but I hope others feel the way I do. Where I like my widget is in the swipe zone for me to swipe to the app drawer so I often clear a reminder when I am not trying to open the app. I think it’s a symptom of where the widget is, but I prefer the widget there for easy access.

One other thing, I am very happy with the UI implementation of the swipe-off from the widget, I am really glad you went the route you did and not with dots as the widget looks better the way it is.

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To be clear the guy I mentioned left a 5 star review! But yeah it was like a day before 2.1.2 released, I hope he doesn’t feel we were personally trolling him with the roadmap timing.

So I guess so far we can count a couple people in this camp and yeah will keep an eye on this thread. I can definitely see it happening more than I had anticipated with specific setups like you mentioned etc.

We have been kind of embracing invisible tap targets with 2.x between checking off widgets and the back button :laughing: Totally breaks some UX visual affordance laws but I think we have the context for a net positive tradeoff with that longterm pristine and fluent + efficient experience in mind.

I would definitely appreciate an option to disable checking off time on widgets - or an option to add a visual cue to it.

I think a key difference between the hidden back button and this is that accidentally hitting the back button is just a minor annoyance (and harder to accidentally do, relative to the full-screen app’s size). Accidentally checking off an item on a list is more destructive, and you may not even realize you did it.


Awesome! I love the invisible taps in app so I’m not judging the decision on the widget, it’s tough to design for every user setup. I’m happy to see you’re so invested in the feedback though!

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