Clear app has Same themes

What is the point to make 250 themes if some of are the same like othello and trooper…


There will of course inevitably be some visual similarities between some themes (there are a finite number of colours), the good thing about which being you don’t need to buy them all.

Not similar. Both themes are the same.

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Oh okay, could possibly be a bug as well. Some themes have had a glitch in the past.

Hmm yeah these two are very close. (Trooper just has red accents.) In general we want to avoid too much overlap, I’ll consider dropping Trooper from future Star Wars days and such. Sometimes slight variants can feel OK I think for the right matching theme/set but for the most part yeah.

Curious if there are others that feel too similar too.

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I think Trooper and Othello are different enough. Othello has black accents and is seamless and has white text where it says blank-of-blank-collected, Trooper has red accents and is gradient and has grey text where it says blank-of-blank-collected. I also think Trooper’s text has a shadow (like the Terminal themes) and is just a shade lighter than Othello’s definitely-black text. I have and enjoy both!


There’s definitely room for similar themes imo. The color spectrum is vast, and there’s lots you can do with the accents. Vibe is everything. I’ve not purchased a lot of themes because they were just a little off, or even because of the name. I like Othello, but I would never use Storm Trooper. I recently realized the Tropical concept I made is really close to Sunset, but with a little sliding and softening there would still be room for it, for example.

As long as it doesn’t stack up storage on your phone I don’t see the issue. There are 365 shop days in a year.

I will say cool/flashy/gorgeous/sexy/vibrant gradient themes are my thing (Miami, Fire & Ice, Kokomo, Sunset, Inferno), and I think they’re massively underrepresented compared to all these corporate and pop culture ones rolling out. Which is odd to me, because I’ve seen mentions of them being top sellers.


What is the point of making 250 themes and offer all the boring, same themes that are constantly present in the Shop? These solid color themes are just ewww.

What’s like 3 repeating ones you consider boring, vs. 3 that you love the most from shop?

Lately we were doing more simpler color combo so there has been a kind of temporary bias towards them past couple shop items updates, and a general bias to showcase fresh stuff in the shop as we have it.

In the past month or so, first we were hungry, and making a whole bunch of grocery ingredient and some food themes, then preparing a bunch of Apple homage ones for an upcoming shop event weekend and that had us hitting up a lot of brand icons/color ideas for themes too. Groceries/foods/brands basically inspired a lot of basic color pairings and combos we had not previously considered, I think that’s why the recent waves felt ‘simpler’ perhaps.

The per-list personalization shipping also inspired some of the newer theme sets, where you might have a separately personalized grocery theme list, or watch lists etc.

@r1y3 plan on getting to that area again but I never felt like I had a super obvious set of destination pairings that have like really iconic/specific color palettes to them. Maybe overthinking though.

The most boring ones are The Simpsons inspired ones (I’ve seen them couple of times), then something like Harry Potter inspired ones like that green snake theme (correct me if I’m wrong if it’s not HP inspired) and the Super Mario inspired themes.

The ones that I very much like are the gradient themes that were in the betas such as purple dragon, private beach, plamo, glow in the dark, kokomo, dub dub, meaty… Mostly a lot of gradient themes from the betas (edit: they haven’t been in the shop since release day except kokomo which appeared once and I bought it)

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Ok I’m always curious both what we are missing in good themes to add next, and also thinking about some way to let people purchase past the current day’s lineup… though probably with some constraints, if they are the right ones that can actually be kind of fun too. (Like the current shop itself.)


Similar to @Dragon, I only use the high contrast, clearly separated, colorful, and easy to read themes like OG Heatmap, Ultraviolet, Hillside, Midnight, etc. Those are definitely in the minority in the Shop, but I also really like how the Shop is working and figure things will catch my interest every now and again. I’m in no rush and look at the Shop every day. But solid colors will never work for me.


Will see if we can come up with some nice themes more along this line for March.

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I’m glad to see more Purple Dragon enjoyers. I hope it finds its way back into the app soon :sob: I check the store everyday hoping to see it return, but no luck yet :smiling_face_with_tear:


Looks like they are prepped for 2.1.2 (Purple Dragon and a new Dieter theme) but the IAP were not submitted, we just submitted them.

I don’t know though I kind of enjoy the building mythos of Purple Dragon, it’s like the Gjallarjhorn of Destiny. Should we just never release it hmmmm.


All I’m going to say for now is this thread and discussion inspired some swapping around in our roadmap and a new fun theme spec upgrade here today. I don’t know if everyone will love them necessarily, but they will certainly be different and fun.


Testing these new photo themes internally today…


Photo themes sound like an amazing idea! Some people might find them a little gaudy, sure, but personally, I love them.

Also, don’t even think about not releasing Purple Dragon haha. I would actually cry forever :smiling_face_with_tear:


These look awesome. So much potential

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Please give us all of these. Instant buy and the chalkboard is soooooooo sooooooo goooood.

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