Clear 2.1.6 Link url feature question

I just installed latest update and wanted to know how I can make it so that a link I paste to Clear as an item shows up with a custom name instead of a full link url… something akin to what I see in the shop where there is a globe icon and next to it is a simple phrase that is clickable… right now I just see a full URL taking up too much space.


i think a tutorial would be good for this, i have no idea how to use the new features for urls or phone nos, or indeed what emojis can be used and how

You just type in the phone number or URL, like just type it like any old text for a new task. Nothin special. It’s after the task has been created that it becomes clickable. You can use any emoji you want, or none at all, same as any other task.

I must be missing something simple as no emojis work for me

Honestly the current implementation is very simple like this, and I guess the shop links are a little misleading :grimacing: (they were developed separately)

I could possibly see us supporting something along these lines but would have to think through various angles. Perhaps the simple formatting evolves into a more markdown direction like adding links here in forum posts with brackets and such, not sure though!

There might be a little auto cleanup we could do too as more straightforward initial polish, like I think the http://www. stuff isn’t necessary so perhaps we could strip those in urls. Or consider truncating behavior for longer ones while not editing, that kind of thing.


thanks for clarifying… I thought there was some type of character I needed to type to turn the link into a custom text that points to same link…

I recently discovered in some thread reply in this forum that a colon : symbol after text in Clear made the text bigger! That was a great discovery… I am wondering if there are other similar character hacks that would result in different effects with text. Is there a list somewhere indicating those in this forum?

markdown links that hide the actual link but replace it with a custom text would be a cleaner look if ever possible in future… for now, I will make a new “links” list in Clear and just gather them there for quick reference.

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There is one other simple formatting feature for now, if you start an item with a space it will format as a smaller ‘caption’. (Plan on having a tutorial reward for both of these eventually.) But yes this is something I’m pretty interested in expanding on in the future… just want to get it right! So will need some space to devote to it.