Clear 2.0.2 is now available for update on App Store

New opt-in settings:

  • Icon Badging (current list count)
  • List count in My Lists
  • Toggle Status Bar

And some more things too!

  • Restored tap top of screen to scroll back up
  • List open/close animations tuned to be simpler and less springy
  • SF Pro Rounded unlocked by default
  • Helvetica font option renamed Helvetica Light
  • Heatmap color theme values corrected (darkened My Lists blue)
  • Fix for ’new’ tags from Early Adopter unlocks sticking
  • Pasted in lists should strip empty rows
  • Fix for Planner reward, now counts on setting reminder

Some reference screenshots:

While we are still investigating a remaining known launch crash affecting a handful of you still (black screen, music playing in the bg), we will also be taking a breather to regroup and recharge a little after the super intense launch runup and migration disaster / hot fixing.

I sincerely hope these early updates meaningfully check off some of the biggest 1.x > 2.x issues that we could address quickly. We will continue on improving the new Clear after that breather.

Thank you all for supporting Clear over the years, and through this admittedly polarizing/turbulent transition. I have a stacking list of regrets I wish I could’ve redone (the huge recurring one is failure in communicating things to everyone properly in advance), but we’ll take this one step at a time and I think make it through the woods.

I want to end on a positive note. As I’ve alluded to in some other posts there are some good early signs for Clear’s future from here on out. Shop is performing well enough to prove it as a viable experimental business model, and as long as the new design is able to connect better with the modern App Store audience vs. $5 1.x’s trickle of new people giving it a try over the years, this points towards us sustaining active development on the project moving forward.

We’re excited here, I really think we may be able to rescue this future for Clear together.

P.S. if you’re enjoying the new Clear any written reviews on the App Store would be helpful! We took a real beating there, but hope to recover it over time with the right updates and happy listers.

P.P.S. Please understand that request is not a campaign to drown out anyone with serious issues like no more iCloud sync or migration data loss. (And if you relied on the sync, reach out to me at about a refund and I can help you there.)


Approved by Apple. We might try their ‘phased release’ with this one, if so I will post maybe Sunday morning, at which point you should be able to grab it from the App Store manually and give it a quick early spin/test.


What’s Apple’s phased released?

Much thanks for all the updates and responses! Appreciate you and your team’s dedication.


Just left a 5 star review.

I can empathize with the people who lost lists and iCloud sync, and consider myself lucky that I was unaffected. But most of the other complaints have been overly dramatic about small details. I don’t mind that it’s imperfect and can wait a few weeks for some of the other changes I’m hoping for. Definitely beats having Clear 1.0 eventually stop working completely.

I’m super happy that Clear will be around for years to come and that we’re lucky to have a passionate team building it and actually listening to and addressing our concerns! Thank you!


Appreciate it man, and any others who left reviews. I was checking this morning but App Store was giving me like week old reviews :sweat_smile: I assume it’ll fix itself soon.

@something they added this release mode some years ago where it goes out over 7 days for auto updates. (But you have the option to pull the update if something is going wrong, or push it out to everyone if it looks all good. And it’s available for manual update immediately on the App Store.)

In hindsight it would’ve been another way we could’ve largely mitigated or avoided the initial rollout/migration’s huge bugs. We wanted to test out after that, though this 2.0.2 is quite safe.

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Really made my Sunday morning catching up on the latest, thank you all.

I should be flicking the switch on making 2.0.2 live sometime tonight. Look for it tomorrow on the App Store available for manual update.


Sunset and Dusk theme are both applied as Dusk on my 2.0.1, is this addressed in 2.0.2 already or will be fixed on future releases?

Have already using the app for almost two weeks (according to my reward progress :stuck_out_tongue:) and feel fresh again for 2.x updates, keep going!

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Will try to fix that one in the next update after 2.0.2, kept getting pushed down the list with some more urgent things we wanted to address!

I just released 2.0.2! If anyone’s around today please grab it from the App Store and give it a sanity test spin, before we push it out more to everyone via auto updates.


So far so great. Everything as advertised, and quality of life much improved. Amped to have list counts back especially. Will be using this app heavy today and will update if any issues arise.

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What I like to hear! It’s set on that rolling release, so we’ll probably push out to all for auto updates overnight etc. tomorrow if things all seem good.

Thank you for bringing back the Task Count in my list. I wish the font size for the count would be bigger especially for Tiny and Small app fonts.


Will see if there’s something we can do there in the next update or two, might be a little wiggle room to tune and improve at the least.

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Very happy with the changes. I think the animations are now perfect to my taste.

Just wanted to check that the icon badge should show the count for the active list when switching away from Clear? I suspect this will confuse some.


Great on the animations. My biggest nightmare is we now split the base, some wanting springy back :joy: But I honestly think the ‘tone down the springiness’ crowd was totally on mark, and this will be pretty widely accepted as an improvement.

Yeah that is the behavior from 1.x. It’s tough distilling it into a single line description. (If anyone has improvements there, open to ideas!) But maybe we can consider a one-time onboarding ‘popup’ that further explains the first time you try toggling it, or something like that.

Everything is working fine. Thanks for the update!

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That was my guess. I never used the badging feature but was testing it out for you. Maybe instead of “current list count” (which I read as a grand live total but could also be the number of lists!), “item count for currently opened list”.

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Yeah this is just me trying to be overly cute and keep things very succinct and in a single row, but crossing the line into obscure and confusing lol.

We have some options (like smaller caption text underneath to explain more), will think on improvements here.

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The latest update finally gets rid of my 11 tasks which were stuck on the badge icon. However, there is now no tasks that are showing up out of any of the three options that I tried to select. Neither does the changing of the icon to a different one change either.


What do you mean by the three options? Are you in Settings app? (Might have to turn this setting on inside Clear itself, back out to home level in it then Personalize > Complications)