Theme icons independent of current theme

Hi, I really like the new design but I do have a request. I think icons that come with a theme should be selectable independently of the current theme. I‘m rocking Ultraviolet Classic, but would rather have the Heatmap app icon. Are there any plans for that?

You can do in this instance. Just put on the Ultraviolet theme then head to App Icons and pick Heatmap.

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(And if you do not see the classic Clear app icon unlocked yet to set separately, you will get it in the 2.0.1 update.)

Huh, I don‘t have any theme icons in the list of icons. :eyes:

Ok if you don’t see the Classic icon in there, the 2.0.1 will unlock for you. (Probably out Friday)

Okay nice! It would still be great to have all theme icons selectable individually

TECHNICALLY you should be able to do that with a workaround too.

  1. Select theme you want to use the matching app icon / have Clear set that icon
  2. Select the color theme you want to use in app, then force quit the app, circumventing the matching app icon swap, which triggers when you exit your theme list normally