Bug in the beginning: Orange Bar

First i want to say that i love everything i have seen already.
The only thing thats a bit confusing to me ins the orange bar (just a new note) in the lower part of the screen. I have added a screenshot.

This bar disappeared after i zoomed out to the other lists and zoomed in again.

But again. I love all the rest so far!

Great to hear you like the beta overall!

Was that orange bar visible the first time you entered that list? It’s been a while since I tested the current user > import flow if that’s how you began. Definitely a bug we will have to check into and fix.

Yes. When i started the app for the first time, i saw this bar. It moved down whenever i created a new bar but always stayed there. It disappeared as mentioned when i realized how to get to the other lists. Its gone now.

UPDATE: i deleted a couple of the given lists now and a similar bar is back now:

And again. After a restart also this bar is gone. Hope that helps!

Got it, I’ll have to look out for this myself and those details are super helpful. Thank you!

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No problem! My pleasure!

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This problem has not come back since the new version. I tested a lot and it never happened! Great!

It’s back for me when I clear a list in Heatmap theme.