Problems Rearranging Themes

I’m trying to rearrange my themes and a bunch of them are unable to be picked up and moved up or down. Not sure if this is a bug or if some of the are not meant to be moved.

After the last update I had that problem with a few of them: Heatmap, and the few at the bottom around Heatmap. The others eventually gave way after some exiting/restarting, but Heatmap still can’t be moved. Wasn’t sure if legacy themes at the bottom was intentional.

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Definitely not intentional. We need to do a pass at some point on the personalize menus etc. to make them behave properly, for instance enabling sorting in icons/fonts too. It’s just a bit further down our todo list bundled together like that! Want to clean up how that’s handled more properly.


Sounds good. Thank you!

Heatmap was stuck at the bottom of my list when it came out, but today day I was able to move it :man_shrugging:t2: