Notebook Red Theme

Hello, I just bought notebook red theme and it’s black not red? Any ideas as to why?

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Let me look into this, we will fix of course. I wonder if we can do it from the server now with these assets loaded from there…

It’s showing as Notebook Red in your collection? I just bought it to test here and the home level is red, it looked right to me! (Anyone else experiencing wonkiness here?)

This is what I’m seeing.

And I’ve rebooted the phone twice.

Thank you, it appears the theme downloaded part of its graphics but not them all. This is a new bug related to graphic themes now downloading the graphics on demand vs. with every app update. Reporting it to the team here.

I would say hang tight for now and assume we will be able to fix this in 2.2.1! (In my mind something like if it detects a graphic them with any missing assets it should try a redownload, but need to run this whole thing by engineering!)

Here’s the list of themes

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Can you try restarting your Clear app while on good wi-fi or strong cell connection? (Force quitting it / relaunching.) It may force a redownload of that missing asset.

That did the trick. Thank you. I shutdown and restarted

While I have your attention… is there some reason why I can never get the icon to change. I almost always have to reboot in order for the icon to change. Is there going to be a fix for this?

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This is an old iOS bug, not Clear. With a change of icon.

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So going with the theory that this is the iOS icon glitch, I will say I would not describe my own experience as like ‘almost always’ needing to do this, it’s been much more sporadic here! So that does make me wonder if there’s something that can trigger this situation in iOS that’s more specific.

It is a real black box though… basically once the icon popup happens, it’s entirely in iOS’s hands. And it’s very simple on our side, so there’s not much room for bugs or mistakes in our part of the code! That’s why on this one I actually am still leaning towards it being iOS and not something we can fix or even workaround ourselves…

What we can do is file a ticket to try to get it on Apple’s radar. Surely it’s been filed by other developers before, but I’ve heard duplicate radar tickets can help issues gain priority.

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