App Icon Ideas / Requests

My favorite icon is VHS Logo. I love the idea of something that is retro/outrun/cyberpunk and would always be down to see what David Lanham (or any other designers) could come up with in that vein. To be honest, I’ve been enjoying a lot of your icons. Some of my most-used are Classic, Clear Boy, Diamond (not sure how I earned this one, but was excited for it to come up!), Logo Pin, Mac '84, and Seamless Orange (I’m a big fan of the color orange, and I love the trick you taught me where you can use themed-icons separate from their theme). I also look forward to using Pong and Vintage more in the future. There are so many great customization combinations!

Here are a few ideas for future icons:

  • Typewriter and/or mechanical keyboard
  • Something plant-related :seedling:
  • Something rain-related :cloud_with_rain: (I’m a pluviophile :blush:)
  • Planet Earth (outer space in the background, maybe it looks like a Clear-logo-shaped continent on the planet?)
  • A floppy disk (either an actual 5.25" floppy or a 3.5" hard disk would be cool)
  • A Nintendo cartridge
  • The inside of a book

I better stop before I just start listing everything that comes to mind. I’m excited to see future icons and other ideas from people here, this should be a fun thread!