Annoying new features that cannot be switched off

Please add an option that all the new „special effects“ can be switched off while using the app. It is very annoying that every time I click on a list the font is changing a little bit, like in a PowerPoint presentation when going from one slide to the next. It‘s expanding or contracting, than the list is bouncing and the phone is vibrating. The same thing happens when creating a new entry, when you insert a new line between two existing lines, for example. The font size is changing. Just give me the next list or empty line without anything to distract my attention, I am not a little child who need constant stimulation in order to stay awake.
Also please add a feature to disable any notifications like „Congratulations, you just discovered the invisible XY button!“. This has zero added value and is rather annoying — I just want to get my to do’s done and rather than wasting time on anything else, like removing useless notifications.


I don’t have any of that. In fact, I’ve never seen that kind on behavior in Clear before. Nothing in Personalization turns it off?

It’s due to the new version update (today’s). If there was an option to turn it off, I would have done it immediately.

Right. I updated last night and have no issues. I keep my settings at ultra-simple as well.