Reduced motion option

Obviously one for sometime down the line…

But having used the app more I would like an option to disable the “fun” animations that are, to me at least, somewhat cheesy and distracting.

Specifically, “Pull to clear” inexplicably exploding in the middle of my screen and the weird ripple that runs up the tasks (twice?!) when I clear tasks.

Somewhat facetiously:

Bonus points if the “Add thought!” and “Start list!” text stop stretching. Bonus bonus points if the exclamation marks vanish.


I also dont like the animations!

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@SFB i totally agree with you. I very much dislike the stretching text and exploding letters. Though I might be coming around to the ripple animation.

Ultimately I wish I could have the legacy Clear animations back: origami folds that snap cleanly into place on a black background, instead of stuff bouncing around like a party in a colourful bouncy castle.


Yeah, Clear 1 was pure elegance.

Clear 2 I like a lot, especially some of the new themes (Flying Monkey :pinched_fingers:), but the animations, the font choices and hierarchical sizing, it doesn’t hit the way Clear 1 did. Lacks the elegance, feels intangibly sluggish.

I suspect Clear 2 is designed around larger screens than my iPhone X.

I ain’t ever coming round to the ripple, haha, it irks me even more than it did 2 days ago.


It would be great if there was a “minimalist” option that gave people like me the exact animations from the previous version!! :smiley: and if that option would only avalible via a one time payment of an extra fee I would not even think about it and buy it directly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: