Ability to import thoughts

It seems that at the moment, you can’t import multiple thoughts to a list.

Do you plan to add this feature? It would be good if I could import multiple thoughts from a text file into a list.

Thanks :grin:

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It should work if you copy/paste it in. Like if you copy a plain text list, then paste it into the first item in a Clear list. But there are probably ways to improve on this. (Like maybe you expected Clear to show up in the share sheet for plain text? Curious what you were imagining.)

Didn’t know that copy/paste works! :slight_smile:
A share sheet would/could be nice, but not necessarily necessary.

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We could probably consider something, I wonder if it’s possible to detect a plain text list like that in pasteboard and popup the suggestion. Will have to check into it at some point, to see if Apple gives us the permission to check.

Sounds very nice :heart_eyes:

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