Suggestion: Create separate list entries when copy/pasting a multi-line message from SMS or iMessage

(Maybe New Clear already does this?)

If someone sends me a list in an SMS or iMessage, it would be great if I can just copy and paste that into an empty list in Clear. (really, extend to any copied text with new-line chars)

It should “paste” so that each word/sentence on a new line becomes a separate item in the list.

At the moment, if I copy a whole message and try paste into Clear, it puts it as a single list entry. Having it auto split by newline character into sperate list entries would be amazing!

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Yes this feature does work in the New Clear

You can also take a text snapshot of a Clear list, share it with another user for example, and they can then paste it into their Clear App (see Copy text in a List )


Excellent! Looking forward to the new app then.

I would use Clear twice as much as I do now if this was a thing… :slight_smile:

I just copy/pasted a numbered list from Bear into Clear and it shows up as desired.

The other way around also perfectly does the trick.

This is awesome!

I managed to get to a Test Pilot link before they ran out.

I’ve just tested this, and it doesn’t seem to work.

For example, I copied the following two lines from an SMS

And laundry detergent please

And when I paste then into an entry in a new list, it always puts both lines into one entry.

Is there a different way to paste multiple lines?

For what it’s worth: I just typed “Test[enter]This” into iA Writer, selected both lines, copied, went to Clear, started a new entry in a list, pasted, and Clear automatically turned them into two separate entries, one that says “Test” and one that says “This”. I did the exact same process from and got the same result in Clear. I’m on the latest version of iOS and Clear. Hopefully it will work soon for you, too!

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Interestingly I get the following results

  1. Copy and paste from an iMessage

And it doesn’t work

  1. Paste same text into Notes and select as shown, copy and paste

And it doesn’t work

  1. Add an extra line break in Notes and copy and paste with a slightly different “selection” as show

And it works!

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