New Feature: Drag & Drop Between Lists

Longtime Clear users will be happy to know the new Clear finally features dragging thoughts between lists!

It’s pretty simple, just pick up a thought, and then with the other hand, back out to your lists as you normally would. Then, you can drag the thought into another list to drop it off.

This interaction enables some great listing usecases! For example I like to shuttle my daily plans between “Today”, “Tomorrow” and “Upcoming” lists.

It’s a long time coming and we hope you enjoy it. You can try it out in the beta today and let us know what you think about the feature here.


I love this feature but I can’t get it to work. I select the thought but when I use my other hand to pinch to return to my lists, it doesn’t work. It just stays exactly the same as if I hadn’t pinched. I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Clear, I’m using the paid version, and I’m on ios 16.0.3.

Ah right, this is a feature we’re introducing in the upcoming new Clear! If you haven’t yet but interested, sign up on we’ll be distributing some beta codes through that newsletter and sharing previews on the new design as it gets close to release!

I can’t get it to work either :confused:

Are you running the new Clear beta or are you on the current App Store version too? (This feature is new in the beta.)

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I figured it out! I thought it was funny you said “longtime users will be happy…” because I’m a longtime user and I didn’t know pinch was a thing. I wasn’t pinching correctly :flushed:

Ah glad you got it. Yeah you can also while dragging items do the usual pull down past the top of the list to go back.

(However, next build we’ll be replacing pull down to go back with an experimental tap above the home bar to go back, so don’t get too used to that one!)

I :heart: this feature! But I have to admit that it feels a bit wonky.

Like I haven’t figured out how I can do it without setting the phone down to use both hands.

Thumb and forefinger while the corner of the phone is at the top of my palm, propped up by my other 3 fingers… if that makes sense

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To be honest if you want to batch drag or drag item(s) between lists it’s currently designed for two handed usage. I know that’s not super ideal, but I figured at least this is a little more of a power user thing to do and the positive tradeoff is extreme fluency with this gesture, feels pretty awesome and very intuitive once you try it, rapidly picking up a pile of items then popping them into another list.


I… think so?.. maybe? No not really, lolz. :rofl:

I can do it… it’s just hard to do if you’re on the go.

Especially when I moving a group of tasks to a new list. I will accidentally drop them in the wrong list.

REQUEST: Could there be a longer pause when a list automatically opens WHEN you have multiple tasks “in-hand” being ready to move?

ALSO… please bring back SHAKE TO UNDO.

Or am I misremembering that the OG Clear app had it to begin with?

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Oh yeah I totally agree it’s too quick in spring loading you into a list. Will fix that ahead of shipping.

We do actually support shake to undo but it’s more limited – just for destructive actions like deleting items or clearing them away, basically an MVP shake to undo. I would like it to be more seamless but that will be a decent sized project so hoping to get away with this for the initial release at least… :sweat_smile:

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Beyond excited with the new app - it makes my life much easier! But I agree - I frequently need to move tasks between lists. And each time I try, I look like a toddler trying to carry a full cup of tea. Even my tongue hangs out. And I fail nearly every time! I love all the swipes/gestures but wish this one feature let you drag the task up to beyond the top of the list to open up the list of lists rather than having to separately hold the task and do it with another finger. Feels really unatural!

Can’t fault the app otherwise! Thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s definitely on our minds, some form of springloading. For example you could imagine if you have the ‘tap above home bar’ gesture set to go back, dragging items to that and holding it there could spring you back too.


That would do it! Great idea :+1: