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Haven’t seen this discussed but may have missed it. The icon badge complication doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m running the latest App Store version on an iPhone 15 pro max iOS 17.3. When enabling that feature I’m not seeing a task badge count on my app icon. I did check the notifications settings for CLEAR and that is set to be on.

The other two complications are working fine.

I wanted to post this to see if it’s an issue for me alone or if it’s being experienced by others/is a known issue. Thanks.

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Can you try rebooting your device? I just saw a review mentioning that re-jiggered it, curious if that is at least a reliable workaround.

Oh actually before you do that. The setting is honestly kind of confusing probably unless you were missing it from 1.x and already using it.

The behavior is that it will badge your icon with the # of active items in your list, if you switch out of the app while in a list.

(Perhaps it should also display even if you exit on other screens? And just show the last list you were in count. Will think on that for update.)

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Hi, it didn’t appear for me until I went into Settings, Notifications, Clear app and toggled on the badge notifications in Clear. Then it popped right up.

Good luck :wink:


Clarification: that’s iPhone settings (not in-app personalisations)

Gotcha. Ya I’d checked that as a first step but it was already set to on.

I see now. I followed your “try first” advice and yes with a list open it does show up now on the app icon. I’m used to other apps showing a number count regardless but after thinking about it the way you have it now may make more sense. We all tend to have tons of thoughts etc. in lists and having an icon state 100, 200, 300 items is kinda pointless. It’s not like it’s an email app because clear can hold any thought or task etc.

Makes sense to me the way it is now that I understand the approach.