Exporting lists? (What happens after Beta?)

Two related questions:

Is there a way to save/export lists so there’s a backup?

For those testing the beta, what happens to our lists after the beta is over and the new version is released? Will we be able to import the lists we had created during the beta? :blush:


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Hey Joey, here’s a couple options in the current betas:

Screenshot to Share: you’ll get a couple other options popping up including a plain text thumbnail you can tap, to export a list in plain text.

Also this is more of an internal testing feature but clearx://export-data will export all your list data in the beta in the forum of a document file, that the new Clear can read.

When the new version is released our current testers will need to hop one more time with their data back to the App Store version. We will provide in-app instructions when the time comes, and it will likely be a similar process to the Clear App Store > Beta migration process.


Got it, thanks Phil! From what you describe, it seem like I’m relatively safe to keep using the beta as my primary list app (which is exactly what I was hoping :grin:)

Yep you should feel comfortable going all in on the beta.