Undeleting a post does not go back to the same position

Can someone help fix this problem for me? If I mark a task complete, it goes to the bottom. But if I unmark it from the bottom, the position is NOT restored.

I have some interest in how Clear manages this behavior.

My primary use of Clear is as a checklist manager. For example, I have a list of things that have to be in our RV before we leave on a trip, and I keep them in Clear. As I load things, I check them off; when I unload them (or borrow them from the RV at home), I return them to the upper list. I try to keep them in order of importance, and then grouped by function (clothes, tools, pet items, foods), but marking them done or undone just sticks them on the bottom of their respective sections. If Clear had a mode where it would keep my items in firm order in both halves of the list, I’d be ecstatic.

I have a similar use for Clear with our camper, and also just repeatable shopping lists. I mentioned this to Phill and he did say they were considering adding a Duplicate List feature. If this does happen then it will be easy to keep a master list for the camper in the Archive section with everything in it’s correct order and section and then just duplicate it before a journey and use this duplicate as a working copy. Check everything off, delete the working list, go on the trip and then when you need the list again rinse and repeat from the archived master copy.

For my use cases this should work well so I have my fingers crossed for a duplicate list feature (and also getting the Archive function working)

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Sounds interesting, but part of the value of the list is to identify the current state of RV items, whether missing or present. Duplicating a master list loses all information about the actual state of the RV contents, instead assuming the RV is in some master state, which is undesirable.

It occurred to me recently that if there were a setting option for a list that caused completed items to be left in place (dimmed, struck through, etc.) but not thrown down to the bottom of the list, this would be exactly what I needed for my application. If Clear had this feature, my Clear life would be complete. Please?