List option to keep completed items in same position

I suggested this previously in a transaction, but never made it a formal feature request so it may have been overlooked.

I greatly desire an optional mode for a specific list where completed tasks stay in their original positions, dimmed, struck-over, or whatever, instead of being flung to the bottom.

My major application is checklisting, where I have to make sure that all the required provisions are in an RV, all the required tools and supplies are in a work trailer, and so on. It’s like the check-in board in Barney Miller – when Wojo comes in, he slides his magnet to IN, when he goes on a call, he slides it to OUT. I do exactly this with provisions, tools, and other items. The items are arranged in affiliated groups (medicines, food, clothes, pet supplies, personal items for each person, etc.) so it’s a lot easier to manage them if they stay put rather than hunting them down in the junk heap at the bottom and dragging them back into proper order. This would make Clear SO much easier to use for me. Thanks.


I can see how this would be beneficial for some users. It wouldn’t make a huge difference for me. I just feel like it’s a feature that is more associated with a more typical style of list-making apps than it is for a cleanly designed UX of clear. But I would be fine either way.

I would find this useful also! Whether you use it or not it’s would be nice to have the option. Also to have it available on a per-list basis, instead of on/off for all lists


I’m getting more curious about this one. I like how it mirrors how real life simple lists work.

If we did this I imagine it would be a setting/personalization option, but yeah it’s interesting. Biggest issue in my mind is pulling to clear completed tasks seems very wonky with this take but maybe we need to rethink pull to clear a bit in general.

The other reason I’d like this is for when I’m using Subheadings: for categories in a list, if you want to uncross things.

Pull to clear seems like it would still work the same way with the crosses at the bottom or interspersed? Pull up from the bottom, and they all delete. Maybe it’s something behind the scenes that makes it seem wonky?

I also realized two things that may not be obvious:

  • There’s two different, similar behaviors here, crossed off items staying in the list, and uncrossed items returning to their spots in the list instead of being restored to the bottom. A toggle between these two and the current behavior would be a very nice to have.
  • Uncrossed items returning to their spots (the second one in the bullet above) seems related to the feature request in another thread of undoing an alphabetization, in that they are both restorations of sort order that are currently not remembered by the app.

I like the pull to clear function. It’s unique and fun.

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I especially like how it respects “shake to undo,” since I have never deliberately issued it! :smiley:

If it helps, I don’t need the pull-to-clear feature. I’d be fine with a Clear button in a drop-down menu or something.

We’re thinking of making the pull gestures in general personalizable too in the future so that could enable disabling clearing for people who never do, or setting it to an alternate gesture.

Another way of looking at this problem is to restore an undo to complete the same position.

When you keep the completed items in the same position there is a cognitive overload of making the eye scan through all the completed ones to find the next uncompleted. It adds to clutter. There is gratification in reading through a shrinking completed list.

The restore completed item from the bottom to the same position enable the same functionality more of less @macsrwe.

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This is true if your paradigm is a to-do list. If your paradigm is a checklist/manifest, gratification is irrelevant, since your items go out and come in repeatedly; and you are not intent on “finding the next uncompleted” but on deciding whether or not the state of each element you encounter is acceptable. Throwing the items to the bottom of the list means I have to search and scroll to find them, whereas leaving them properly interspersed means I just have to handle them as I encounter them.

In my general use it helps to have the completed items moved to the bottom of the list. Since my lists are generally in order by priority or date, those items that will end up being recurring get unchecked before the rest get cleared. Now that recurring item is on the bottom, because, technically how I do it, all the earlier items need to be completed before that recurring item comes back around. And even if that’s not the case, I can manually move it to its rightful place in the list.

Isn’t this too much text? The opposite of minimalism?


To-do lists and checkoff manifests are two entirely separate paradigms. If you insist on forcing one into the format of another, as you have here, you will get suboptimal results, as you did here. My point is that those of us who use Clear for checkoff manifests are already currently suffering similar suboptimal results of our own. I am not demanding that Clear always do it one way or another, I am requesting that there be an option to maintain a list in either mode.

Note that if you had to buy EXACTLY the same grocery items every few days, you might in fact discover that the list as you display it is more convenient for you to use then the current format.

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My wife and I use the iOS included Reminders app for shopping lists with recurring items. This was before testing the new Clear with Sharing lists. Even so, without being able to collectively modify the same list, it wouldn’t work for us in this capacity.

To be clear (pun intended)… we use Reminders (iOS) to list out all of the things we might need at the grocery store. They are sorted alphabetically. When we are out of something, one of us unchecks it, and it rises to the top. When someone buys it, it gets checked off and returns to the bottom, still sorting alphabetically.

I don’t need to recreate this in Clear because in my experience, clear is more suited for a daily schedule that is likely to change frequently. Do I have a meeting? Am I expecting a package? Who do I have to call? Make 3 stops: Grocery, Target, Home Depot. Etc, etc.

Since the writing on the wall has been indicating that Clear won’t be offering anything like the option requested, I researched other apps and found Checklist by Koji, which does exactly what I want exactly the way I envisioned it. It includes arbitrary sublists (e,g, items for each person, the pets, food, furnishings by room, tools by compartment). Lists are mailable as readable text (so each person can go scavenge their own missing stuff). The only thing I would add to make it perfect would be real-time collaboration ability (a tough upgrade).

For those who needed a checklist of this type, I highly recommend it.

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