Unable to delete "zombie" shared list

I somehow managed to retain an entry for a shared list despite deleting it from the server. Accessing its URL returns the “Not Found: The list does not exist or was deleted by the owner” page, but it’s still in my Shared meta-list. Attempting to delete it results in “Server Error: Clear isn’t able to reach its server to remove a shared copy of this list” appearing, so it’s just stuck there.

Edit: A few moments later, the list is now gone from my Shared meta-list, but the error about not being able to delete it reappears every time I open Clear. Bizarre.

Hey that is annoying, I assume it’s still happening? (Even after relaunching the app?) Will pass this along to our slack here to see if there’s theories.

Yeah, it’s persisting across relaunches. I also tried creating a new list, sharing it, and then deleting it to see if that would clear something out under the hood. It didn’t fix the recurring error, but deleting it worked as expected. (The online copy seemed to persist for a few hours, but that could be normal, for all I know.)

We think we tracked this one down. Will try to include the fix in the next beta!

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The alerts about not being able to delete the zombie list have gone away as of the latest update. Thanks!

Great to hear! We fixed it because of your report, wasn’t on our radar before.