I’ve lost my historical lists

I seem to have lost my previous “Clear Classic” lists. It’s quite disappointing, I had thought that this wouldn’t happen! Is there any way to recover them? Some information I had there was only there…

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Hey can you check if you are on the 2.0.1 update released a day or two ago? (Also were you testing the beta before it released? Noticed you posted here before months ago.)

Yes, can’t find the version number on my iPhone app, downloaded the new Clear most recently following the message that the Beta app was out of date… in fact seems to only have the boiler plate “my lists, personalize, rewards, shop, gift clear, archive” page, nothing for settings. Previously it did say that my old files were updated and connected to new app.

I did not post for quite a while, as your updates and other’s posts seemed to be quite sufficient, and did not think you really needed more ….agree, agree, agree, to input. My earlier posts represented my thoughts, and while you progressed since after Thanksgiving into December the edits were quite good and comments mirrored mine.

Dave Lewis

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Good to hear on the progress, but yeah I would like to see if we can rescue your situation.

(Though my current worry… that during the very confusing in hindsight beta > 2.0 migration where we instruct you to ‘delete the beta when done’… we had too many delete 2.0 instead, which leads into some weird situations.)

However I still have some hope. I am around now if you want to iMessage me and we can try to debug, phill@impending.com

I’ll do so in the next hour…
Thank you

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I will note I have a call in one hour, will be responsive after that.