Tap to go back conflicts

I tagged this in bugs but I’d say it’s more of a feature conflict than a bug.

I like the tap to go back feature (tap center bottom of screen) however, there are times where it interferes with other commands a user is attempting.

I’ve noticed this most when collecting multiple thoughts to move between lists or within a list. Since my brain is focused on picking up thoughts I forget and tap a thought at the bottom of the screen where I suddenly find myself backed out of the list I was in. There is a way to avoid this but requires remembering to move the thought upward out of the “force field” area of tap to go back. Not a huge deal but it’s an extra step and easy to forget.

The other issue I’ve noticed with this is when using screenshot to share. If you’re sharing a shorter list with say, 4-6 thoughts it’s impossible to choose the plain white background version of the list without backing out of the current screen. Keep trying and your screenshots will just go bye bye. Of course you can use the theme version to share without issue so it’s not the end of the world and if sharing a longer list you can escape the “force field” and tap higher on the share list to bring up the share sheet.

This isn’t a show stopper but I’ve noticed it over time and thought I’d bring it up.


Yep the screenshot one I think we just fixed for 2.1. Will think on the drag and drop.

Back button came a bit later into the beta phase, at this point I think it feels worth committing too and we’ll do these rounds of fixing and polish.

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I’m in total agreement on the back button. I think it is a good method and has proven itself over the betas. It saves multiple steps per the old way and feels very “Clear”. I noticed the tap top of screen to revert to the beginning of the list is there again as well and I like that it is and while I used to tap the top then back out of a list that took two steps so the tap to back out solves that.

Drag and drop probably doesn’t need a fix per se but if you end up doing one it’s not a game ender so I’d put solving it far down the list. There isn’t anything wrong with tapping a thought and scrolling up a bit out of the way of tap to back before adding other thoughts to the group you’re moving. The main thing is doing that enough times to make it a habit.

As always thanks for the great work.


I just tried on a iPhone SE (2) with version 2.1.1 and it does not seem to work: still go back and CANNOT select the text copy with a list of 3 items.
Sorry for the bad news.

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This is still on our bug list, we got a little over-ambitious with 2.1 (squeezing in per-list personalization late into it) and then 2.1.1 hot fix to deal with small fonts demand. I will try to get the fix in soon, we will be catching up on these in the next couple smaller updates.


Trank you! It works now with the 2.1.3

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