Pasting lists got a downgrade

When copying and pasting the plain text of a list, it would previously have line breaks create new items in the list, recreating the list that was copied. But now, when pasting the text of a list, it creates only one item with all the text. Not sure which update caused this, but I do know it’s annoying haha.


I was just quickly testing it here and it seemed to work OK. But I believe you, there have been a couple times where it failed for me too, just need to figure out the specific context/setup to reproduce it here.

Is it failing every time for you even if you try with like a test list? Or copying it from some different app?

I figured it out. The list I was pasting had no name at the time, it was just a space. The sub-note formatting was taking priority over seperating the items. Not a problem for me anymore, now that I know!

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I’ve been encountering this too. I will frequently copy from a list of items from a Google Doc and when I paste to a new Clear List item, it pastes the whole list in one “cell.” If I cut all but the first item of the list within that cell, then hit Next and paste the cut list to the new “cell,” it pastes them as individual items. Hope this helps to troubleshoot the issue.

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Thank you, that sounds like a specific bug/case we could fix.

@pasquinade to confirm it’s like a doc and not a spreadsheet right? Was just trying a quick reproduction here but it seemed to paste in OK. For reference the test list I made and copied/pasted:

Yes and no. Yes, it is pasted from a Google Doc, but the list in the Google Doc is was pasted from a Google Sheet (using Ctrl-Shft-V, so it pastes without retaining the formatting). It seems strange, but this may be the difference. I even tried pasting it into a traditional text editor then copying it in with a Ctrl-V, but when I copy from the GDoc to Clear, it copies as a block instead of breaking it up as individual lines.