Settings in Clear2

I cannot find any settings in clear2 yet, fontsize, colors, cloud, and so on

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As usual we have very few settings and unfortunately no iCloud sync for launch with new Clear, but you can find them in the “Personalize” section. Typography has font sizes, themes has colors etc.

Let me know what tripped you up, was it getting to the ‘home level’? Or maybe the naming of Personalize and expecting Settings?

  • I found, when I started my “old” CLEAR, a sync-option to CLEAR2 was possible and effektiv

    • I switched in CLEAR2 in one of my “yearbooks”, data seem o.k.
    • but i couldnt find a way back to all lists
    • neither a “personalisation”-button

P.S.: Cloud Sync in old Classic doesnt work anymore


  • found function double finger, would prefer also icons in head
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Ok if you are double finger tapping to go back (above the ‘home bar’ that you use to swipe out of apps) that is the new back button. You can just tap with a single finger though!

And yeah the current import process is initiated by opening old Clear, sorry I should’ve mentioned that.

… but when once the import to v2 has been done, the next time i start v1 will not transfer the actual data again

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