How do I get to the Settings menu?

I found a Settings menu under Personalize. all it has is Silent Mode.

From reading here it seems like there are more settings options?

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Nope, that’s it for Settings. You change font and size in Typography and Themes are color themes. All 3 are in the Personalize folder.

There used to be more settings in Clear 1.x (currently available on the App Store), maybe that’s the confusion?

The new Clear currently in beta testing only has that single setting for now, but will be diving deeper into personalization options in upcoming betas. For example we are testing a set of personalizable/customizable gesture shortcuts for a future beta. You might consider that more settings, but we will probably list them as a new category under Personalization.

No worries. And yes that is partially what prompted me. Remembering a separate gesture that opened settings.

The other part was a post about cloud syncing that mentioned settings. Still getting my bearings. Maybe that post was for the legacy one.

I have the beta on my iPhone and iPad. iPhone migrated and is my primary. Both had the legacy and now also have the beta.

Was concerned that if I migrate on the iPad it might change something on iPhone. The migration on my iPad would have the same starting point as my iPhone.

The concern is after migration which one drives the sync? The migrated and updated iPhone or the newly migrated iPad (without the updates).