Setting to turn off Reminders by default?

Reminders are cool but I hardly ever use them. They’re surprisingly hard to turn off once they’re on while I’m creating a task. I usually have to tap 2 or 3 times on the date to turn them off.

I would love an option to turn them off by default and then I could tap the date or time to turn it in to a reminder.


I’m with you, I use Clear on an everyday basis and I’m already running into so much friction with how I use it and the way it forces me to use reminders. This is how Clear was when it was on the beta for years prior to this new version. Hopefully this becomes a setting or adjustable in some way.


I’m going to keep an eye on this thread, if this is a semi popular request I think a setting to opt out can make sense. That said it shouldn’t take more than a tap to disable it when detected, I think we should look into that first.


Chiming in to cast another vote for this option. It’s a feature that doesn’t fit my workflow, and currently is a speed bump when creating certain tasks. :blush:


I appreciate your reply here. To extrapolate on the problem I’m personally having further: Sometimes I just generally want to put something like “Thursday Do This Specific Errand” and if I don’t remember to press the word Thursday before I’m done with the entry - which is something I don’t have to think about doing in any other context of Clear - it deletes the word Thursday, turns the entry into a reminder, and autofills in a time (and date, more on that in a second) of noon for the reminder. Then when I go to edit the entry to turn it into a non-reminder, it doesn’t let me press the word Thursday to get it back because the word “Thursday” is gone and replaced with “7/20/23, 12:00 PM”, which is both difficult and annoying to deal with as text, as well as most likely not true for a time (nor even necessarily the Thursday I was referencing if I’m creating a list for, say, a future trip).

I’m sure this is a difficult problem to work around and whatever you do with implementing reminders into Clear will not universally work for all people, but the current way that reminders work goes too far into what I would call “trying to intuit what the user is doing and making a decision for them” territory. I don’t think the option ultimately and necessarily has to be either the app allows for reminders or it doesn’t, but adding an on/off setting next to Silent Mode could be one possibility for the time being while workshopping a way to make reminders more adjustable and less interruptive with its natural language interactions. Hopefully this is something we can continue to discuss as a community to find a good balance.


Personally I find it super annoying that every time I write a weekday and/or the time in a new Clear post, it automatically creates a notification. This is quite intrusive and I would like to be able to turn this behaviour off. Thanks!


Also in favor of having an option.
I forget what they were exactly, but there were 2–3 words I would have to avoid using in my notes to prevent a NLP reminder I didn’t want being created, and running into the issue Jeff mentions above.

“Tomorrow” might have been one? I’d make a task like “prep for meeting with Alice tomorrow” and it would make a reminder for tomorrow, when I need to do the prep today, and don’t need a reminder.


Definitely cast my vote for an option to disable reminders. I for one appreciate Clear for being a list app and if I need a reminder I will simply use a dedicated reminder app. Absolutely loved it until the reminders were added, now I just want to sit and drink alone.

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Major props for implementing it after all the requests though!


With the versions prior to reminders being turned off, I recall that if I did not create a date/time, no reminder was created but if I did, I could also create a repeat (like ‘every Tuesday 8 pm’) and it would change to the next week once the reminder passed.

What changed, that caused the repeat option to stop working? More importantly, from my viewpoint, can it be put back?