Can you develop a feature for recurring reminders and task deadlines?

Sometimes it’s necessary to set tasks with recurring reminders;

Additionally, there might be a need to establish a deadline for a particular task.

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You can already do this in Clear 2. At least you can do something like ‘Take out the Trash every Monday at 8:00 am’ and this seems to work for me.

Is this what you mean, or am I misunderstanding your request?

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This can solve my problem. Thank you. :+1:

Sadly we are about to turn off this functionality for initial release. Turns out layering on recurring support is complicated, (on top of Apple’s basic NLP) and then isn’t localized, etc.… more than we can bite off I think as an indie team for late this summer. But I imagine it’ll be a priority in our roadmap to figure it out. (Or maybe Apple updates their API this WWDC?)