Remove custom theme from a personalized list

I have been hunting around to see how I can remove a custom theme from a list I personalized. Can anybody help me? I’d rather not delete the list or re-create a new one and drop ideas onto it but if that’s the only way, i’ll do it

Greetings. If I understood you correctly, it is not necessary to delete the list, but reset it like this. Go to the topics, scroll down to the section, select the list to personalize, select the desired one and click on it, and there you can change the theme or choose the default theme that is installed in your application.

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Thanks - I didn’t make myself clear (terrible pun) - I’ve deleted & remade the list

My question was this: if I personalize a list and then want that list to be un-personalized - how can I remove the personalization style? If I implement you suggestion, when I change my overall Clear theme, that aforementioned list will retain the previous overall theme and remain “personalized” even though when I made the change, it looked like the overall Clear theme I was using. What I am looking to learn: is there a way to remove personalization so that list changes with whatever theme I am using at a given time, for Clear?

I appreciate the quick reply

Just keep the subject for the default list then. And when you change topics in the application, the list will change, depending on the topic you choose.

Let’s call the list in question… “List”. :laughing:

Go to Personalize > Themes > Choose list to personalize > “List” > Use App Theme.

That should turn “List” into one that changes with the overall theme again.

Perfect! You are the best

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