Quick switching between lists preview for next TestFlight

I believe this is maybe the final missing interaction from old Clear to new Clear? But it’s meant as a replacement and hopefully improvement on edge swiping between lists option.

It feels good so far here, should go out next TestFlight.

I take this back, I feel like anything that actually ships in Clear needs at least 10 days to sleep on it. And we hope to submit it before then. Ignore this one for launch!

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Well, I like it, and it is a nice replacement for the edge swipe. Maybe (hopefully) we’ll see this or another edge-swipe-type motion in a future update ?

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Yeah I still think it’s promising, just don’t feel we have the room to properly digest/polish/consider it with end of the week submission build goal. It will probably bubble up again here when we have a bit of space.

Agreed! I think it looks very useful. Especially for those with big phones and small hands where reaching the edge comfortably isn’t easy. The edge swipe is fine for me but this just seems more user friendly.

It seems to me that phones have grown significantly since the original edge swipe was introduced as well but I’m not certain. I’ve been using clear so long haha

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